Grassroots Recruitment

A Third Off Permanent Recruitment Fees

33.3% Off
Grassroots has been based in Stockport since 2008. Since then, they have supported local employers (from new office start-ups to big name brands) to grow their businesses with highly skilled and well educated candidates from the local area. OFFER 1 - A Third Off Permanent Recruitment Fees Grassroots Recruitment are passionate about supporting Stockport employers in growing their businesses with exceptional, locally-based candidates. SKone card holders can receive a 33.3% discount on on the total placement value for any level of appointment. OFFER 2 - Free Recruitment Audit & Consultation If you are looking to grow your existing team or have recently moved to Stockport centre, Grassroots can help you understand the local candidate market by providing free benchmarking, competitor analysis and job design. Grassroots are offering a free 1 hour consultation to all SKOne Card Holders to evaluate your recruitment needs, employer brand and target candidate pool.